Evacuation Chair Training

2 to 2.5 hour course including practical training

If your premises are equipped with evacuation chairs to help those with impaired mobility leave the building in an emergency, it is essential that you have trained staff who can use the chairs safely and effectively.

Course Aim

To ensure that trained individuals can safely set up and use the evacuation chair in an emergency situation. The Equality Act 2010 requires organisations to ensure equal treatment for all those with protected characteristics – this includes making sure that you have adequate provision to help those with impaired mobility safely leave your premises in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Course Content Includes

Why we have evacuation chairs

  • When they should be used
  • How they link with other evacuation plans
  • Limitations of use
  • Setting up the Evac-Chair
  • Manoeuvring on a level surface
  • Transferring to and descending a single flight of stairs
  • Turning around corners on different stair levels
  • Transferring people in and out of the Evac-Chair
  • Ongoing practice and training
  • Maintenance of the Evac-Chair

Course Costs & Options

The course is held at your premises and costs from £495.00 + vat.

We can provide our own chair for training but encourage the use of your equipment to help ensure that your staff are trained on the chair that they may have to use in an emergency.

Due to the high degree of hands on practical training required to ensure delegates can safely use the chair, we recommend a maximum of six delegates on this course.