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Fire Marshal Refresher

Refresher training (2.5 hours)

This two and a half hour refresher course gives existing fire marshals the chance to update their fire safety knowledge. Marshals should refresh their knowledge periodically or if anything that may affect fire risk changes at your place of work.

Course Aim

Over time, our recollection of important information can fade. That’s why we created a fire marshal refresher course, which gives existing fire marshals the chance to update their fire safety knowledge, practice their fire extinguisher skills and build their confidence.

Course Content Includes

  • A reminder of how fire starts, develops and travels
  • The immediate effects of smoke and fire
  • Your emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • Human behaviour and how to deal with it in an emergency situation
  • Up-to-date information about what is legally required in a Fire Safety Policy and a current template document
  • A reminder of the different extinguisher types, their uses and limitations and the chance to practice with a live extinguisher on a small fire

Our Experience

Bob Swanton is registered as a Fire Risk Assessor (Life Safety Stream) with the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Our Fire Marshall/Fire Warden courses are Recognised Training Courses of the Institute of Fire Engineers.