Resources for Legal Support

Making sure you’re legally compliant can be a minefield, but we’re here to walk you through what you need to do and when.

Am I meeting fire safety legislation requirements?

Not sure exactly what your fire safety obligations are? Use this simple checklist to make sure you’re fully fire safety compliant.

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

All buildings, except private dwellings, are required by law to have a fire risk assessment. Not sure what it entails and how to go about completing one? We can help.

How many fire marshals do I need?

It can be hard to know how many fire marshals you need to train. The current legislation states that you should employ as many marshals as you feel you need to complete all of the roles outlined on our handy PDF.

How often do I need to train my staff?

Official guidance is not very specific about how often training should take place, simply that it should be based on risk assessment findings. To help you decide what’s right for your organisation this table outlines which staff should be trained and how often, based on our experience.

How do I arrange a fire drill?

If it’s your responsibility to arrange a fire drill you’ll need to know what this entails and how best to go about organising one. Most businesses will need to carry out one per year.

What about school or university fire drills?

When it comes to fire drills at educational sites, different requirements apply and these are outlined on the PDF below. These drills must be carried out termly.